Michael Bisping was dropped by Dan Henderson a couple of times at UFC 204, and was left a bloody mess, but the middleweight champ says he’s healthy and ready to fight.

Bisping scored a unanimous decision win over Henderson on October 8th, but the legend did punish the champ with his feared “H-Bomb” and elbow strikes. Recently the British star spoke with Sport360.com, and Bisping reported the following about his health:

“I had a CT scan after the fight and I’m all good,” Bisping said. “There’s some misinformation going around, I don’t know where they’re all getting it but they are incorrect, I’m good, I’m healthy.”

The rugged vet was also asked about Georges St-Pierre, who not long ago, relayed he’s interested in facing Bisping. Of course, since then, the former welterweight champ claimed that he’s a “free agent”, and it looks like the star could be headed for a legal battle with the UFC. Bisping had this to say to the Canadian:

“Of course it’s a good fight for me so it’s down to him. I’m here if you want to fight Georges let’s go. Sign the papers buddy that’s all you’ve got to do.”

Obviously that would be a big fight, but as it stands right now, it looks like Bisping is headed for a bout with either Chris Weidman, Yoel Romero, Luke Rockhold or “Jacare” Souza.

Weidman and Romero are scrapping on November 12th, and Rockhold – Souza will battle November 27th. Those bouts will almost certainly determine who Bisping faces in his second title defense.