If you follow Michael Bisping on Twitter then you might have been happy to see he’s verbally agreed to scrap Georges St-Pierre, but Dana White has put the brakes on all the buzz.

Not too long ago, the following tweets came from Bisping’s account:

If you’ve been keeping tabs on GSP in recent weeks, then you know he’s publicly relayed he’d like to fight Bisping. But you also know that more recently, the former welterweight champ has been at odds with the UFC. According to St-Pierre, he’s now a free agent, since the UFC failed to table him a fight before a deadline his lawyer set. But, the promotion says the Canadian star remains under contract, and as a result, there’s been speculation a legal battle could be next.

Well, MMA Junkie.com reached out to White about Bisping’s eyebrow raising tweets, and the UFC boss man reportedly texted back this:

“There is no Bisping vs. ‘GSP’ fight in Toronto. I know Mike wants it, but it’s not happening.”

Now sure, some folks will point out that White claimed Eddie Alvarez – Conor McGregor wasn’t going down at UFC 205, and then, voila, it is. But, considering that UFC 206 takes place on December 10th, and that St-Pierre says he needs a new contract before he can return to the UFC, you would think this a long shot.