There’s more than a few people who believe Khabib Nurmagomedov will take out Conor McGregor if they ever square off, and clearly Dan Henderson is in that camp.

As Nurmagomedov demonstrated once again at UFC 205, in his submission win over Michael Johnson, he is one of, if not the best grappler in all of MMA. Not only does “The Eagle” have one of the most impressive and dangerous top games in the sport, his arsenal of takedowns might be unrivalled.

Well, recently Henderson appeared on The Adam Carolla Show, and he had this to say about the undefeated Nurmagomedov (quote via MMA

“I think that kid that fought last weekend, I have trouble with his name, Magomedov, the Russian kid, that’s at 155 — I think he would definitely give Conor a huge problem,” Henderson said.

“I think he definitely would take him down and beat the piss out of him.”

There you have it. Now, McGregor boosters would likely argue that the featherweight and lightweight champ will tag Nurmagomedov with heavy shots, before he can close the distance. The latter did eat some hard punches from Johnson at UFC 205. That could be the case. But if Nurmagomedov locks up with McGregor, and takes the fight down, it could be a rough night for the superstar.

Here’s hoping this fight gets booked in 2017, although, McGregor has argued that Nurmagomedov hasn’t been fighting enough to warrant a title shot just yet…