If you’ve been up in arms over the UFC’s decision to make Jose Aldo the promotion’s undisputed, featherweight champ once again, well, Max Holloway apparently thinks you need to get a life.

Yes, since the UFC announced that Conor McGregor has “relinquished” the featherweight title, and that as a result, Aldo is the champ, it’s been met with mixed reviews. First there are some, who don’t believe McGregor should have had to give up a belt. There’s also those who believe Aldo shouldn’t be declared the undisputed champ, since he was KO’d by McGregor last December.

Well, recently the UFC held a media call in advance of UFC 206, which will feature Anthony Pettis taking on Max Holloway for the interim 145 belt. Holloway was asked to weigh-in on the criticism the UFC’s decision regarding all this has generated, and “Blessed” responded with this (quote via MMA Junkie):

“The UFC gave him (Aldo) the title, the title says undisputed, so you can’t deny him,” Holloway said. “It is what it is, he’s got the belt. I need to go out there Dec. 10, handle business, get what’s mine and go after the undisputed one. I ain’t no hater about the guy. He got the damn thing. He had the interim, they gave him the real one now. That’s what it is. Everybody crying, you’re not going to change it with all your whining. Stop your (expletive) whining and do something with your own life and move on.”

Ouch. You may not agree with Holloway, but it’s certainly true that there are more important things in life worth complaining about.

UFC 206 will go down on December 10th in Toronto, Ontario.