Gray Maynard appeared to be pretty upset with Ryan Hall, following their anti-climatic and odd bout, but according to the latter the powerful wrestler should have been more aggressive.

Hall faced the former lightweight contender at the TUF 24 Finale, and Maynard went on to lose the bout via unanimous decision. Maynard pressed forward throughout much of the fight, but when he did, he was met with counter kicks or takedown attempts from Hall. Since “The Wizard” is a ridiculously, dangerous, submission artist, Maynard clearly was hesitant to engage Hall on the ground.

As a result, the bout didn’t feature many memorable exchanges, and there were plenty of boos ringing out after the fight. While discussing how things played out in the scrap afterwards, however, Hall said this (quote via MMA

“He also elected to sit there and call it a night rather than go for broke, which is something that, as a competitor, frankly, I don’t understand,” Hall said. “But it’s a choice people make that. Going forward, maybe they’ll make a different one.”

“He elected not to do that,” Hall added, while discussing the fact Maynard decided against grappling with Hall. “Were I him, I would have given it a shot at a certain point, because I felt like he was pretty cleanly behind on the scorecards at that point. I would sooner risk going out on my shield than not.”

Now, the bout certainly isn’t going to be on anyone’s “Fight of the Year” list, but it was a huge win for Hall. “The Wizard” also showcased some pretty sweet kicks during the fight, so clearly Hall’s becoming much more than just a grappling specialist.