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So GSP Reports Talks With The UFC Are on Again

Georges St. Pierre

Georges St-Pierre’s team and the UFC may disagree over the fighter’s free agency status, but it looks like the camps are still interested in making a new deal.

Not too long ago, St-Pierre announced that his lawyer had determined he’s in fact a free agent, since the UFC failed to table them a fight offer, before a deadline they’d set. The UFC, not surprisingly, has¬†announced they don’t see it that way.

More recently GSP’s been in the news because of his role with the MMA Athletes Association, as “Rush” is on the new organization’s fighter board. But, while talking to TSN recently about the MMA AA, St-Pierre reported the following (quote via MMA

“No, no it doesn’t mean I’m done with the UFC,” the 35 year-old said, when asked if his involvement with the MMA AA means he’s “done” with the promotion. “Like other members, like Cain Velasquez, Tim Kennedy, Cowboy Cerrone, they’re all seasoned fighters. Doesn’t mean I’m done. Actually, the night that we launched the association we received a letter, Rodolphe [Beaulieu] received a letter – my agent – from the UFC lawyer saying that they want to renew the negotiation with me because at the point where I was before the negotiation, the communication was cut. So we didn’t have any kind of communication.”

St-Pierre may not have the same drawing power that he had back in 2013, when he decided to take a break from fighting, but he’s still a big name, who the UFC can use to move tickets and PPV buys. Particularly in Canada, where buzz regarding the UFC has died down in recent years.

So, in other words, it’s not too surprising to hear that the UFC is still hoping to book St-Pierre for a bout.



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