Dan Henderson thought he should have been handed the middleweight belt at UFC 204, and after watching his rematch with Michael Bisping, the legend hasn’t changed his mind.

Henderson and Bisping threw down on October 8th in Manchester, England, and early on, it looked like “Hendo” was going to KO the British star again. The American floored Bisping a couple of times, but the bloodied champion managed to recover, and went on to win via unanimous decision. After the bout, Henderson relayed that he thought he did enough to become champ. The 46 year-old was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour”, and “Hendo” was asked if he’s watched his rematch with Bisping (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“I watched about a week after the fight, and yeah, it was pretty much the same after watching it than I did when I was there,” Henderson said. “I’m a little bit more pissed off again, but that’s the way it is.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think differently. I felt that even a couple of rounds that I gave him were a little closer than I actually thought that night, you know, that I would have gave him for sure, but after watching it, it was closer than I thought it was that night.”

It was a close fight. No question. If you’re a big time Henderson fan, of course, then the debate as to whether the legend added the UFC middleweight title to his resume, likely continues.

Henderson was also asked to weigh-in on whether he thinks Bisping will get by Yoel Romero, who is expected to challenge for the title next. Not surprisingly, Henderson said Romero will “probably” win.