Recently it was announced that Brock Lesnar will be eligible to fight again next summer, but it doesn’t sound like Dana White believes the pro-wrestling star will return to the Octagon.

This past summer the MMA world was buzzed big time by the news that Lesnar was going to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Since the former heavyweight champ was still under contract to the WWE, the news shocked a lot of folks.

Lesnar went on to win a decision win, and afterwards, the decorated wrestler certainly sounded like he’d be interested in fighting again. But, then Lesnar was flagged for the anti-estrogenic agent Hydroxy-clomiphene, and just recently it was announced he’s been suspended, retroactively, for one year.

TMZ caught up with White not long ago, and when he was asked about whether Lesnar will fight again, the UFC boss man stated this (quote via MMA

“I doubt it,” White said. “I don’t know how much longer he’s got with WWE. I think his career is winding down. But he’s a freak of nature, so who knows? Maybe he’ll give me a call and say he wants to do it again, but I think he’s ready to ride off into the sunset.”

Since Lesnar turns 40 next summer, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he decides to hang up the gloves. By all accounts, he’s made enough money and doesn’t need to fight. Could the USADA flag, however, motivate Lesnar to fight again and silence his critics? If Lesnar does decide he wants to fight, it’s hard to imagine the UFC taking a pass right?