The combat sports world continues to debate and discuss whether Ronda Rousey should retire, but it looks like one of boxing’s most respected coaches, thinks the star should.

As almost everyone under the MMA sun now knows, Rousey was quickly taken out by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on December 30th. The bout marked the first time Rousey had fought, since she was brutally KO’d by Holly Holm in October, 2015.

Well, because Rousey is such a big star, has made lots of money, and has opportunities outside of fighting, many believe she could hang up the gloves. Since the one sided defeat, Rousey hasn’t announced her plans, other than that she intends to take some time to consider her future.

Recently TMZ Sports caught up with Freddie Roach, who is one of the top boxing trainers on the planet. When asked about the bout, here is some of what Roach had to say (quote via MMA Mania):

“Muay Thai is standup also, you can go to the ground, but it’s mostly standup. She doesn’t do well with standup and everybody has her number now. The thing is, when you get beat like that, sometimes you can come back from that, sometimes you can’t. It depends on the person. The first fight landed and the fight was over, 48 seconds of beating. That’s the fight game.”

As Roach was walking away from the camera, he was asked if he agrees with Rousey’s mother, who has reportedly said she thinks her daughter should retire. It sounded like Roach said “she’s correct”.

It will be interesting to see what comes next for Rousey. Could all these people saying Rousey should retire just motivate her to fight again?