Leading up to UFC 207, some folks speculated that Dominick Cruz had got in the head of Cody Garbrandt, but that certainly didn’t appear to be the case on December 30th.

The bantamweights tossed verbal shots each other’s way for weeks before the bout, and in an interview a few days before UFC 207, Garbrandt stormed out. As a result, a lot of people thought Garbrandt might fight too aggressively and recklessly, and that Cruz’s championship reign would continue. That didn’t happen, however, as Garbrandt countered Cruz  beautifully throughout the bout, and scored a unanimous decision win.

Well, following the impressive victory, Garbrandt’s head coach, Justin Buchholz appeared on Brian Stann’s “Toe-2-Toe” show. While discussing Garbrandt’s mind sent, the Team Alpha Male coach said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Going into that fight we had all kinds of altercations in camp between some of Dominick’s team and our team and there were little street fighting situations between us and when I saw the big shift, where I really was confident in Cody’s mentality…

“This guy’s from the streets of Uhrichsville, Ohio. This guy has been stabbed, he’s had teeth in his knuckles, as a teenager he’s had to fight grown ass men. That’s a Mike Tyson mentality that Cody has. Mentally, he lives off that stuff. He gets hyped up. He’s like, ‘Oh you’re talking s**t? You talking crap about my friends? Let’s meet behind the school at the flagpole. You bring your friends, I’ll bring mine. It’s a fight.’ He loves that kind of stuff. It’s gonna be tough for somebody to get in Cody’s head. His mentality couldn’t have been better.”

Wow. Yes, this would help explain why Garbrandt was able to perform like he did, in what was the biggest fight of his career, against the greatest 135’er of all time.

Now it remains to be seen if Garbrandt can get past TJ Dillashaw, who many believe should, and will be next for the 135 champ. Dillashaw scored a one sided, UD win over John Lineker at UFC 207.