Admidst a flurry of talk about Conor McGregor boxing Floyd Mayweather, now it’s being reported that Nate Diaz is applying for a boxing license in Nevada…How about that?

Yes, ESPN was the first to report that the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s confirmed Diaz has begun the process of applying for a license to box in that jurisdiction. The commission is still collecting the necessary paperwork from Diaz, and the fighter’s reportedly already filed video of sparring sessions for their review.

In addition, NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett was quoted saying that provided Diaz files all the required information, they “expect” the Stockton star will receive his boxing license.

Diaz and his brother Nick have both expressed an interest in boxing previously. But, obviously this development takes things to a new level. The story also includes comments from the aforementioned Mayweather, who claims Diaz talked to him about moving into pro-boxing.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Diaz is under contract with the UFC. So, he wouldn’t be able to take a boxing bout without the promotion’s permission. But, it’s an interesting development, considering Dana White recently tabled an offer to both McGregor and Mayweather for a boxing match, which the latter has since shot down. Diaz is widely regarded to have some of the best boxing skills in the UFC, and he’s also trained extensively with boxing champ, Andre Ward.

Last year, McGregor applied for, and received a boxing license in California.