Tyron Woodley cracked Stephen Thompson with some massive shots during their entertaining scrap, but the welterweight contenders says he could have fought for 15 more minutes…

The two battled for the first time at UFC 205 in November, and Woodley nearly stopped the vaunted striker on a couple of occasions. Thompson, however, continued to fight back during the five round bout, and it was ultimately declared a majority draw (with one judge scoring it for the champ Woodley).

Well, the two are booked for a rematch at UFC 209, which will go down on March 4th in Las Vegas. Recently Thompson appeared on the UFC’s “Unfiltered” podcast, and “Wonderboy” had this to say about his first fight with Woodley (quote via MMA Mania):

“I felt like I could’ve gone another three rounds after that,” said Thompson. “I felt fine, I felt great. I just didn’t put out enough, just didn’t do it. I didn’t pull the trigger and I’ve been beating myself up about it ever since.”

“It fuels me know that I wasn’t at my best, while Tyron was at his best, he hit me with his best shots, had a deep guillotine choke on me and still couldn’t finish me.”

Woodley boosters would likely argue that things might have been different, if Woodley hadn’t gone for the guillotine, but instead, tried to finish the bout with follow-up strikes. But, hindsight’s always 20-20 right?

It’s going to be interesting to see what goes down in the rematch. UFC 209 will also feature a lightweight fight between contenders Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson for an interim title.