Anthony Johnson has taken out five of his last six opponents, and is considered one of the most dangerous strikers on the planet, but Daniel Cormier says wrestling won’t be part of his game at UFC 210…

If you missed it, recently the UFC announced that the light-heavyweight champ will rematch Johnson on April 8th, in Buffalo, New York. Cormier faced Johnson for the first time in May, 2015, and he took home the vacant 205 title, by submitting “Rumble” in round three.

Now, considering how Cormier defeated Johnson the first time around, and because “DC” is one of the most talented wrestlers in the sport, one would think he’ll be looking to take the heavy handed fighter down. But, on the latest “UFC Tonight”, the light-heavyweight champ claimed the following (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“I will be defending the light heavyweight championship on April 8 at UFC 210. I get to go in there and fold up Rumble Johnson like a nice load of laundry. No wrestling. I’m standing up with Rumble Johnson. You say you’re going to knock me – prove it to me on April 8th. I’ll be waiting for you. I’m going to stand with this dude. What’s the worst that can happen?”

How about that? Could this just be part of Cormier’s pre-fight, mental warfare? The part about “what’s the worst that can happen” hints of sarcasm no? Or is the 37 year-old serious? And he plans to keep his wrestling game on the shelf? Hard to say.

There’s no doubt that Cormier is far from just a wrestler. Case in point, Cormier managed to outscore Alexander Gustafsson with strikes for the split decision win, who has fantastic boxing (and is much taller than “DC”). But, one would think that if Cormier eats a big punch at UFC 210, he’ll quickly be turning to his wrestling.