Conor McGregor’s head coach, John Kavanagh, isn’t sure whether the Irish star will end up boxing Floyd Mayweather, but he admits he “selfishly” hopes the fighter remains tied to MMA.

In recent weeks, it’s become clear that all the talk about McGregor and Mayweather fighting is more than just that; both teams are trying to make the fight happen, and at one juncture, Dana White even made any offer (which Mayweather shot down).

Kavanagh was a guest on “Submission Radio” recently, and naturally, he was asked about McGregor- Mayweather. The Straight Blast Gym founder reportedly said that talks for the match are progressing, but that he doesn’t how “definite” the fight is. Kavanagh also noted that he’d like to see McGregor test his skills in boxing, but he also admitted, his personal preference is that the lightweight champ remains in MMA (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“Mixed martial arts is the freest form of combat sport there is. So that’s my love and I’m a big fan of Conor’s fighting in MMA,” Kavanagh said. “So yeah, my number one thing would be for Conor to fight MMA. That’s my selfish number one, what I would like to see.”

And as far as who Kavanagh would like to see McGregor face next in the Octagon?

“Which opponent? I’ve said it before. The Nate (Diaz) rematch interests me a lot because it’s 1-1 and how the styles match up. Almost on a par with that, not much difference will be the winner of Khabib and Ferguson this weekend. I think Khabib will be the winner, so Khabib will be the match up out of that.”

There you have it. Kavanagh is picking Nurmagomedov over Ferguson. Regardless of who wins the interim title at UFC 209, here’s hoping McGregor defends the undisputed 155 title against the winner.