Now that Conor McGregor has agreed to terms for a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the waiting game has begun to see if and when the latter will sign onto the fight. But, according to McGregor’s striking coach, the longer it takes for the boxing star to sign, the better for them.

Following the news that McGregor and the UFC have come to an agreement for the boxing bout, Owen Roddy, told NewsTalk the following:

“We’re training now. The longer it takes Mayweather to sign, the better it is for us. We get more time to study him the longer he drags it out. We can get people in to help us if needs be. I see the negotiation period as just more time for Conor to immerse himself in boxing.

“The longer he takes to sign, the better it is for us. To be honest, we’re ready to go now.

Makes sense right? If the deal gets done, it’s going to be a fascinating few months.