Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather engaged in full out, verbal warfare this past week, and the latter believes he’s ahead on the scorecards.

The Mayweather vs. McGregor world press tour wrapped up in London on Friday, following events in Los Angeles, Toronto and then Brooklyn, New York. The stars fired numerous insults and threats at each event, and as a result, Mayweather and McGregor dominated headlines all week (although, some of the headlines were due to controversial statements the fighters made: McGregor made controversial comments about race, and Mayweather used an anti-gay slur at Friday’s event in London).

Well, after yesterday’s event in the United Kingdom wrapped up, the undefeated boxer had this to say about his war of words with McGregor (quote via MMA Fighting):

“When McGregor goes up there to speak and talk, I sit back and let him speak his peace and let him say what he has to say and what I do, I just sit quiet,” Mayweather said. “When it’s my turn to go up, I give a speaking, he’s interrupting me. So it’s obvious I’m getting under his skin.”

“I never needed Conor McGregor when I made $800 million,” Mayweather added. “So I’m going OK. But he’s been a good dance partner, and I need him for Aug. 26.”

Now, MMA fans and observers know that McGregor typically does respond / interrupt his opponents, when they’re slinging verbal shots at him. So, this likely isn’t an indication that Mayweather is in fact, really bothering McGregor. Or if he is in fact, getting under the skin of the Irish star, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will impact McGregor’s performance.

But, while the consensus seems to be that McGregor had the better zingers during the press tour, Mayweather didn’t really seem fazed by the insults either. In fact, one could argue that Mayweather has been McGregor’s greatest adversary yet, in terms of pre-fight, mental warfare.