Recently there’s been signs that Paulie Malignaggi’s run in Conor McGregor’s training camp could be a short one, and now the latter’s reported he won’t be training with the UFC champ any longer.

Malignaggi was hired by McGregor’s team to help the fighter get ready for his August 26th bout with Floyd Mayweather. The decision was met with instant buzz, since Malignaggi has talked trash about McGregor in the past, and the Irish star promised to make him pay for those words.

Well, more recently, Malignaggi and others reported that the sparring sessions between him and McGregor were really intense. One of McGregor’s other training partners, Tiernan Bradley, said their first session was a “full on fight”.  All this raised eyebrows in the combat sports world, as did Malignaggi telling the press that while McGregor hits hard, he doesn’t have “oh my God power.”

On Thursday, McGregor’s camp posted the picture below, with the caption “Ghostie”, and that clearly didn’t sit well with Malignaggi. After several more tweets, the fired up boxer proceeded to announce that he’s leaving McGregor’s camp.

There you have it. Chances are a member of McGregor’s team made the post that appeared to rile up Malignaggi,so you never know. Maybe things could still be worked out, although, it sounds like the New York fighter is upset about other issues as well.

One thing’s for certain, you know a fight is huge when drama regarding the training camps is headline news.