Now that Paulie Malignaggi is no longer a member of Conor McGregor’s camp, for the latter’s August 26th bout with Floyd Mayweather, a flood of criticism is streaming out from the retired boxer.

As you’ve surely heard by now, Malignaggi announced last week that he was leaving McGregor’s team, after a social media post was made that he said was misleading. In addition, the New York fighter said he was upset about other issues tied to McGregor, but that he would talk about those in the future.

Well, since then, Malignaggi has blasted away at McGregor on Twitter, and he continued to do so in an interview he did with Fox 5’s Sports Xtra as well. While discussing McGregor’s pugilistic abilities, Malignaggi had this to say about the Irish star (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“My problem with Conor is his arrogance,” said Malignaggi.

“His arrogance is to the point where he can’t progress. He can’t learn. He just wants a bunch of yes men around him.

“He doesn’t want to be told that he’s doing something wrong. He doesn’t want to be told that he needs to make progress, so that he needs to change certain things.

“Whatever he’s doing, he just wants to be told how great he’s doing.”

This is somewhat surprising to hear, as in the past, other fighters and coaches have talked about McGregor’s eagerness to learn and incorporate new techniques into his game. The fact that McGregor brought Malignaggi in, who he’s traded words with in the past, appeared to be born out of  a willingness to be humbled, possibly, but evolve his boxing at the same time. After all, Malignaggi is a much, much more experienced boxer than McGregor.

Malignaggi, however, didn’t stop there. He also proceeded to accuse McGregor of being cheap, and not providing enough for his training partners, in terms of living accommodations etc.

So, it will be very, very interesting to see what unfolds next. It’s been pretty quiet, strangely so, on the McGregor front.