With the August 26th bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fast approaching, many fighters, active or not, have been asked to weigh-in on the massive fight. While the consensus has been that Mayweather will move his record to 50-0, more than a few pugilists have said that McGregor has a decent chance of winning the contest.

Case in point, recently boxing great and former heavyweight champ, Larry Holmes, was asked for his thoughts on MayMac, while appearing on the Bald Faced Truth Radio Show. Here is some of what Holmes had to say (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“Don’t sell McGregor short,” Holmes said. “He doesn’t have to do too much to win. All he has to do is get him in the corner and bang him. Put his hands up over his head, get down low, keep coming in and throw punches once you get him against the ropes.”

“He’s going to tie him up and try to hit him on the break,” Holmes added, while outlining what the UFC champ needs to do to pull off the upset. “(McGregor has to) put his hands up, stay right on top of him and keep him from hitting him. It’s going to be an interesting fight. People are selling (McGregor) short. This guy is an athlete. He sees a lot of money, and he sees a medal on his chest if he can get over this hump.”

Now does this mean Holmes is going to bet his house on McGregor winning? No. No he’s not. But it is interesting to hear another fighter, one from the boxing world, say he thinks McGregor has the ability to hand Mayweather his first loss. Recently Andre Berto, who lost via decision to Mayweather a couple of years ago (in what was the latter’s last fight), said he thinks McGregor could stop Mayweather.

Again, like Holmes, Berto didn’t say that is going to happen, but clearly he thinks Mayweather could be in trouble if he doesn’t take McGregor seriously, or lets the latter get in his head.