We haven’t heard much from Daniel Cormier, since his devastating loss to Jon Jones last month, but teammate Luke Rockhold’s reporting that “DC” is on the rebound.

Cormier faced his longtime rival in the main event of UFC 214, and was taken out with a headkick and follow up punches in round three. The former light-heavyweight champ, who was extremely emotional after the defeat, has largely been quiet, other than a statement he released congratulating Jones.

Rockhold recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, however, and the AKA fighter had this to say about “DC” (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He’s sulking a bit, but his spirits are coming back,” said Rockhold. “And I think he’s got his family, he’s got everything going for him, so he’s got a bright future with anything he wants to do. Cormier is a sharp guy with a lot of things going on, so we’ll see. We’ll see where it all falls.”

“I think, like anything, that was a big stage, that was a big moment, and it was a big fall,” Rockhold added. “So give him some time, the guy’s got a big heart and he’s got a lot of things going for him. So, time heals all.”

It will be interesting to see what comes next for the 38 year-old Cormier. The decorated wrestler has said in the past that he doesn’t plan to keep fighting much longer, but there’s also been speculation as to whether he might consider a return to heavyweight.

Cormier’s only losses have come against Jones, so there’s no question that he’s still capable of competing with the best and scoring some big wins. But, Cormier also has a solid gig as a commentator and analyst, and he’s done pretty well financially, fighting. So, he doesn’t need to fight.

Rockhold, meanwhile, is booked to battle David Branch at UFC Fight Night 116, on September 16th.