Although Miesha Tate hung up the gloves last year, the former bantamweight champ hasn’t left her rivalry with former foe, Ronda Rousey in the past.

Tate shocked the MMA world last November, when she announced she was retiring, following a decision loss to Raquel Pennington. Although Tate was coming off a one sided, submission loss to Amanda Nunes, she was just two fights removed from her championship victory over Holly Holm.

Of course, Tate’s career will always be tied to Rousey’s, since they fought on two occasions and their rivalry was well documented. Despite the fact Tate is no longer fighting, and there’s been no indication really that Rousey is going to compete again, “Cupcake” said this on a recent episode of “The MMA Hour” (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I wouldn’t say hi to her and I doubt that she would say hi to me either,” Tate said, while discussing what would happen if she ran into Rousey. “I think that we would just be like ‘oh’ and walk away from each other, like, awkward.”

“I don’t hate Ronda, I really don’t,” Tate added, “I don’t like her, but hate is such a strong word. I don’t like her because we don’t see a lot eye to eye, and we’ve had some bad conversations and I feel like she’s been very disrespectful. But at the end of the day, I’m not the person to harness hate toward someone, so, out of respect to her, I’d be like ‘hey,’ you know? There have been a couple occasions before things got way more heated where we were sort of okay, like ‘hi, bye’ okay, and I was fine with that, you know? But I think it’s more her terms than mine, which is fine.”

There you have it. When the two were competing, it did seem like Rousey’s dislike for Tate was indeed more intense…Tate also acknowledged, as she has in the past, that she “kind of” regrets not getting a chance to fight Rousey for a third time. The latter won both of their contests via submission.