Chris Weidman ended Kelvin Gastelum’s rise up the middleweight ranks in July, and former foe Luke Rockhold was impressed with his performance…sort of.

Weidman battled Gastelum at UFC on FOX 22, and submitted the former TUF winner with a third round, arm-triangle-choke. The bout marked the first time since 2015 that Gastelum had been defeated, and it also ended a three fight losing streak for Weidman.

Well, recently Rockhold was a guest on “The MMA Hour”, and he offered this take on Weidman’s performance (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Weidman looked better than I’d seen him in a long time,” Rockhold said. “He’s definitely, he’s got something back together and we’ll see. I mean, he did fight Kelvin Gastelum. He did fight a 170-pounder. So we’ll see, we’ll see what’s to come with him. He’s got a long ways to go.”

This assessment from Rockhold shouldn’t come as  a shocker. Although Gastelum was coming off impressive performances against middleweight contenders like Vitor Belfort and Tim Kennedy, many speculated that the size, strength and wrestling of Weidman would be too much for him, and that was indeed the case.

The victory certainly emboldened Weidman, who quickly called for a scrap with middleweight champ Michael Bisping. The New York fighter also relayed his contention that he remains the best 185’er on the planet. While discussing Weidman’s post-fight statements, Rockhold had this to say:

“He’s a bit delusional at times,” Rockhold said. “He just lost three in a row, so for him to think he’s the champion is pretty far from. But he looked decent.”

Weidman and his fans likely aren’t going to care for that comment. It will be interesting to see if Rochold and Weidman ever cross paths again. The latter’s reign as middleweight champ was ended by Rockhold in 2015, and then the two were supposed to fight last June, but Weidman had to withdraw due to injury. Bisping, as you know, proceeded to toss the MMA world upside down by taking Rockhold out in the first round.