Chris Weidman has talked about moving to light-heavyweight in the past, and due to what’s been going down in the middleweight division, the former champ’s talking about doing so again.

Back when Weidman was still ruling the middleweight division, the New York fighter let it be known he was interested in fighting light-heavyweight champ, Jon Jones. Weidman ended up losing the belt to Luke Rockhold, and the decorated wrestler has continued to fight at 185.

Well, following Weidman’s submission win over Kelvin Gastelum in July, he called for a fight with the reigning champ, Michael Bisping. That’s not in the cards, however, as Bisping’s expected to fight Georges St-Pierre on Novemer 4th. Recently Weidman was a guest on Submission Radio, and the “All-American” had this to say about his future (quote via MMA Mania):

“My goal is to be the champ and there’s no way of me getting to have the belt for two years or more just based on other people taking their time with taking fights. It’s a weird place to be, it’s not interesting. I mean, if 185 doesn’t like, things don’t change, I want to maybe think about possibly going to 205. So if there’s a clear picture to a title at 205, then I would consider that. Let’s see, maybe Bisping or maybe GSP gets injured, I don’t know, and then I’ll be ready to go for November and Bisping won’t be able to scatter away from a guy like me. So that would be something that would work out for me nice for me. I’m in New York, I’m ready to go.”

It would be interesting to see how Weidman does competing at 205, and whether he could work his way into title contention. Since Jones holds wins over several of the top contenders, it wouldn’t take too long to lock up a title shot, provided Weidman can score some key wins.

In terms of UFC 217, you would think Weidman will be on the short list for replacements. But, if Rockhold gets by David Branch unscathed on September 16th, a rubber match with Bisping likely makes more sense.