One of the criticisms that was frequently levied against Georges St-Pierre, during his reign as welterweight champ, was that he didn’t finish enough fights. But, according to the Canadian star, he’s trained to change all that in his upcoming, comeback run.

When GSP was ruling the welterweight division, his detractors accused the well rounded fighter of looking to win rounds, rather than stop opponents. St-Pierre’s final, seven title defenses all came via decision, and the last time he stopped an opponent was BJ Penn, and that was in 2009.

Well, recently St-Pierre was a guest on “The MMA Hour”, and the 36 year-old reported the following (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I’ve trained a lot of things,” St-Pierre said. “I’m gonna be more there to hurt guys and to go for the finish. To submit, to break. To go for the break. To go for the knockout or go for the break if i have a submission. Until he taps. I’m gonna be more opportunistic.”

They were accepting the defeat,” GSP said, while referring to his opponents. “They knew they were going to lose before the end of the fight. They were fighting to not get beat up too much instead of fighting to win.

“On my side, I was fighting to win, but it’s hard. You know that if you’re exposing yourself [to] useless openings, [you can] get beat up.”

St-Pierre supporters typically noted that the now former champ was always fighting the best, and that it’s hard to scores finishes while doing so. While that’s certainly true, that doesn’t change the fact most fans like to see knockouts or submissions. So, GSP’s run of decisions did appear to hurt his drawing power, by the time he announced his hiatus in 2013.

It will be fascinating to see if St-Pierre can finish Michael Bisping, when the fight November 4th at UFC 217. Bisping is one of the most rugged fighters on the roster, and has only been stopped two times since 2009.

UFC 217 will go down at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.