Remember the video that caused a bit of stir recently? Where Floyd Mayweather and Paulie Malignaggi insinuated they were going to go over what the latter learned while being part of Conor McGregor’s camp? Well, according to Malignaggi, no collusion took place. In fact, according to the retired boxer, Mayweather wasn’t even interested in getting any inside info on the UFC champ.

The video blazed around the internet not long before Mayweather faced McGregor on Saturday, and TKO’d the Irish star in round ten. In the video, Malignaggi called Mayweather and his team “suckers”, as Mayweather claimed the two were going to talk “strategy”. As you surely know, Malignaggi was brought in to help McGregor prepare for the August 26th fight, but left angrily, after he accused the latter’s team of misrepresenting how their sparring went.

Well, during the latest “MMA Hour”, Malignaggi had this to say about the ‘spying’ storyline  (quote via MMA Fighting):

“When I saw the pictures come out and I saw the videos come out, I’ll say this: I thought to myself, the irony of this,” Malignaggi said. “You can make pictures and video paint a picture that you might think is real, but it’s not real. Since when do these pictures and videos prove that I gave Floyd the game plan? Floyd didn’t even want the game plan. He didn’t care, he didn’t ask for it. I didn’t offer it and he didn’t ask for it.”

“You think Floyd really needs the game plan to beat Conor McGregor?” Malignaggi added. “I mean, did you think Floyd had any other game plan besides just bringing the b-tch out of him? Floyd’s only game plan was bringing the b-tch out of him, that’s it.”

Wow. Clearly Malignaggi’s ill feelings towards McGregor haven’t diminished huh? Even when the video went up, it seemed like a bit of a stretch that Malignaggi had been sent  in as a spy. But, the video certainly left some folks wondering if perhaps Malignaggi provided Mayweather a few insights on McGregor’s boxing skills.