Holly Holm is one of the more decorated boxers in combat sports, and according to the former UFC champ, Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor was brought to an early halt.

McGregor faced the undefeated boxer last Saturday night, and after Mayweather landed multiple, unanswered punches in round ten, the fight was stopped. The Irish star, however, never went down, and while McGregor looked exhausted, he seemed to be okay.

Well, Holm was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour”, and of course, the former boxing champ was asked to weigh-in on Mayweather – McGregor. When asked for her thoughts on the fight’s end, Holm had this to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“You don’t see McGregor arguing it was stopped, but I thought though the ref jumped in a little early, yeah,” Holm said. “It’s not like he was out on his feet or about to get knocked out, or something like that. He wasn’t going in there to counter or anything. It was definitely an early stoppage for sure.”

Holm isn’t the only person who’s made this argument since the fight, and McGregor said afterwards it was more so that he was tired, than hurt. McGregor also said he would have rather had the chance to make it out of the round, even if it meant getting KO’d. But, then again, others have argued that McGregor did take multiple shots, and that the ref did a good job of preventing any further, serious punishment.

And what was Holm’s take on the fight as a whole?

“I’m kind of glad it came together like that because I’ve always been a fan of both, obviously,” Holm said. “It’s like, there’s that battle between boxing and MMA and I’m like, no, boxers are into boxing because that’s what they’re passionate about. And MMA fighters are into MMA because that’s what they’re passionate about..

“I love fighting, no matter what it is,” Holm continued. “I just love to watch it. So, its one of those things that there’s a little more respect from both sides…

As far as Holm’s career, she’s not currently booked for a bout, but there’s been a lot of talk lately about her fighting featherweight champ, Cris “Cyborg”.