It’s not clear yet when and who Tyron Woodley will fight next, but the powerful fighter’s up for a champion vs. champion bout.

Woodley is coming off a decision win over Demian Maia in July, which marked the third time he’s retained the welterweight title, since he KO’d Robbie Lawler last July. Woodley injured his shoulder in the fight, however, so as it stands right now, it’s not clear when he’ll be ready to scrap again.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Woodley doesn’t have some ideas as to who he’d like to face. Recently the decorated wrestler did an extensive interview with Sports Illustrated, and Woodley had this to say about Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre.

“I would fight Bisping as well, to be honest,” Woodley said. “I’m not just saying I want to move up to middleweight because at welterweight I’m a larger size and I feel comfortable at the weight. I have no issues making it, it’s not easy but I always get it done.

“To fight Bisping or Georges, I’d love fight either one. But mainly I want to fight Georges.”

GSP and Bisping are booked to fight on November 4th at UFC 217, and a bout with either man would certainly be interesting. But, when you consider that Robert Whittaker is the interim middleweight champ, chances are the UFC is going to have the winner of Bisping – GSP fight him. In fact, GSP has said that he’s contractually obligated to fight Whittaker next, if he wins the 185 title.

There’s also a chance, however, that if St-Pierre wants to vacate the middleweight belt and take on Woodley, maybe the UFC will sign off on that. Since GSP held the welterweight title for years, it makes much more sense to have him fight Woodley, and there’s an interesting storyline there the UFC could use to promote the bout.

First things first, however, as GSP needs to get by Bisping, who is larger, has good takedown defense and great boxing.