Paulie Malignaggi continues to make headlines in the MMA world, and it sounds like Joe Rogan’s getting a wee bit tired of some of the comments the retired boxer’s been making.

A couple of months ago, a lot of MMA fans likely didn’t even know who Malignaggi was. But, ever since he joined Conor McGregor’s camp for the Floyd Mayweather fight, and then had a very public fallout with the UFC champ, that all changed. Leading up to the August 26th bout, Malignaggi was in the MMA news almost as much, if not more so, than Mayweather.

Although the Mayweather – McGregor bout is now in the books, Malignaggi continues to field questions about the latter. Case in point, recently the decorated boxer proposed a winner take all boxing match with McGregor. In addition, Max Holloway recently had some sharp words for Maligiaggi on Twitter.

Well, during a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan had this to say about Malignaggi (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He should shut the f**k up because if he wanted to have a UFC fight he can go over there and get his brain kicked in,” said Rogan. “He’s out of his mind. Stop talking. You’re a boxer. You’re a very good boxer. Just shut your mouth.

“There’s literally a million people in the world that could grab you and strangle the life out of you and there’s not a god-damn thing you could do about it. Sorry dude. Don’t talk s**t. They will give you a wrestler and he will punch your f**king face into pulp and there’s not a god-damn thing you could do about it. Not a god-damn thing.”

“…Imagine what Max Holloway would do to Paulie Malignaggi in an MMA fight. Just imagine it. Just try to wrap your head around the kind of a**-f**king he would receive. Max Holloway would literally kill him if he wanted to. Literally kill him.”

Now, regardless of whether you’re a Malignaggi fan or not, chances are we’re going to hear less about him in the coming weeks, at least, in MMA circles. While it’s clear he wants to get that fight with McGregor, Dana White has said he wants to get the UFC champ back in the Octagon.