Floyd Mayweather outlasted Conor McGregor in their August 26th, super fight, and Justin Gaethje has offered an interesting take, on why he thinks that is.

McGregor landed his fair share of shots early on against Mayweather, so much so, one judge, and many others, scored the first three rounds for him. As the fight wore on, however, Mayweather picked up the pace while McGregor fatigued. In round ten, Mayweather brought about a stoppage with an unanswered flurry of punches.

After the bout, McGregor conceded that his cardio got the best of him, and the UFC champ added that with a longer camp, he believes his energy level would have been extended. Well, recently Gaethje attended a media lunch to promote TUF 26, and his planned, year-end bout with fellow coach, Eddie Alvarez, While discussing what went down in Mayweather – McGregor, Gaethje had this to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“The reason he can’t fight through when he gets super tired is he’s never grappled,” said Gaethje. “You have to learn how to fight through when it sucks and it’s really hard. You have to be in that position over and over and over, to be able to perform in that mindset. The fact that he’s never wrestled or grappled, it doesn’t help when he gets super tired and starts questioning himself.”

“If you look at the fight, I would say his only chance is to knock him out in the first three or four rounds,” Gaethje said. “And so if he goes out and paces himself, then he takes away the chance of knocking him out in the early rounds. But what he really would be doing is taking away every chance from himself — because that was his only chance. But no matter what, it was gonna get to the 8th round and he was gonna be screwed. So you might as well try to knock him out in the first four rounds. But that becomes detrimental later in the fight.”

It’s an interesting point, and there will likely be folks, particularly those with a wrestling / grappling background, who will agree. Of course, McGregor trains wrestling and jiu-jitsu – he has a brown belt in BJJ after all – but some would argue that it’s not the same, as coming from a background that is solely, grappling based.