If you’re a big fan of Nate Diaz, and think the Stockton star is one of the best fighters in the game, well, you likely won’t care for the comments below…

Diaz has become one of the biggest draws on the UFC roster, thanks to his polarizing, outspoken personality and of course, because he’s scored several, big time wins. After all, this is the man who handed Conor McGregor his first, UFC defeat.

Well, recently Fight Hype caught up with another guy who’s faced a who’s who in MMA, Anthony Pettis. While talking about Diaz, the former lightweight champ said this (quote via BJ Penn.com):

“Bro, Nate Diaz ain’t sh-t,” Pettis said. “Me and Nate have had a lot of issues. I was the champ in the UFC and WEC, and Diaz was calling me out. He got lucky in the [first] fight with Conor, and he got the win, but Diaz ain’t sh-t. He ain’t sh-t.”

Really, when you consider how long these two have been fighting, and their longstanding beef, it’s kind of surprising they’ve never fought. So what about sometime in the coming months? Well, most of the talk these days regarding Diaz is regarding the possibility of a rubber match with McGregor.

It’s not clear yet, who and when McGregor will fight again, following his massive bout with Floyd Mayweather last month. Pettis was also asked for his take on Mayweather – McGregor, which saw the latter stopped in round ten.

“I thought it was actually a good fight,” Pettis said. “I think McGregor actually surprised a lot of people. I don’t know how hard Mayweather was trying, but I was there, I was impressed.”

That certainly seems to be the consensus throughout the fight world. While it’s not really clear whether Mayweather was just waiting for McGregor to tire or if he was trying to get a read on the UFC champ, the Irish star did outscore the decorated boxer in the early going.

As far as Pettis, he’s expected to fight Dustin Poirier on November 11th at the UFC’s Fight Night card in Norfolk. That’s a fight that looks very promising on digital paper…