Luke Rockhold has let it be known on more than one occasion he isn’t overly impressed with the abilities of Michael Bisping, but he still believes the middleweight champ is going to walk through Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217.

When St-Pierre faces Bisping on November 4th, he’ll be fighting for the first time since 2013. In addition, the bout will mark the first time the former welterweight champ has competed at 185 in the Octagon.

Rockhold, alongside several other of his fellow, middleweight contenders, have been critical of the UFC’s decision to give GSP a shot at the 185 crown. The former middleweight champ was a guest on the latest “UFC Tonight” Wednesday, and Rockhold was asked to weigh-in on the upcoming contest. Here’s what the outspoken fighter had to say (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“I’ve got no opinion on that fight. I think Bisping wins the fight. I think GSP is an inflated 155 pounder. He has no business being in the division. He’s small and weak and I think he’s going to get crushed. I think he needs to get the hell out.”

How about that? Clearly Rockhold has an opinion on that fight after all, and a pretty strong one. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how GSP performs against a larger opponent, who has dangerous and fast hands, and also, pretty solid defensive wrestling. In other words, if St-Pierre defeats Bisping, it will be a very impressive addition to his already stacked resume.

Rockhold was also asked to comment on his loss to Bisping, which went down last June. The latter knocked Rockhold out in the opening round, and sent a shockwave throughout MMA by doing so.

“In the Bisping fight, I wasn’t patient. I didn’t focus. I tried to do too much. When I’m patient, heathy and focused, there’s no one who can compete with me. I’m going to take my time, pick him apart limb by limb and finish him.”

Bisping aside, Rockhold is set to take on former WSOF champ, David Branch, this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 116. The card is taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.