Mike Perry has issued some stern warnings to the man who’s agreed to face him on short notice at UFC Fight Night 116, but it doesn’t sound like the Octagon newcomer’s been thrown off…

Recently it was announced that Perry’s original opponent for tonight, Thiago Alves, had to pull out from the card, as result of Hurricane Irma. The fighter who agreed to face the heavy handed welterweight on short notice is Alex Reyes, who has a King of the Cage Lightweight Championship on his resume.

Well, after Reyes agreed to take the fight, Perry credited him for taking the bout. He also warned Reyes, however, that he’s going to hit him harder than he’s ever been hit before. 

Since then, MMA Fighting spoke with Reyes, and here’s some of what the 13-2 fighter had to say about “Platinum”:

“He doesn’t seem that big, to be honest with you,” said Reyes, who is moving up a weight class to battle Perry. “Not to me, at least; he doesn’t seem that big to me. I have the height advantage on him. He may be a little bit thicker, but he’s not that much bigger than I am. At higher levels, weight can cause an issue, but I just believe that my skill and my technique is higher than his, so it’ll neutralize his weight advantage because I’m a more technical and more skilled fighter. I’m a little older than him and I’ve been training longer, I have more experience. He’s explosive, but like I said, I’m more of a seasoned fighter.

“I kind of laugh,” Reyes added, while discussing Perry’s comments. “I think it’s funny. He’s going to talk, he’s going to say what he’s going to say. He sounds like he’s overlooking me, and that’s going to be his first mistake that he’s making. I’m going to expose the holes in his game. It’s a little bit of pressure on him. I think he’s got a lot of nerves, he doesn’t know a whole lot about me….”

It remains to be seen if its nerves like Reyes says, or just good ole confidence on behalf of Perry. One thing’s for certain, if Reyes can score a win in tonight’s co-headliner, it will be fantastic way to introduce himself to the UFC fanbase.

UFC FN 116 will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the headliner, former middleweight champ Luke Rockhold will take on David Branch.