Thiago Alves was forced to pull out of his bout tonight with Mike Perry on short notice, reportedly due to Hurricane Irma, but the latter’s vehemently shooting that down…

As you probably know, Alves is a member of American Top Team, and resides in South Florida. The welterweight contender elected to stay with his family for the storm, while Perry flew out before the hurricane hit the region. Then, later in the week it was announced that Alves was unable to make the trip north to Pittsburgh, for UFC Fight Night 116.

Well, since then, Fansided spoke to Perry about Alves’ withdrawal, and the welterweight had this to say about the situation:

“That’s bullsh–,” Perry said. “I came from Florida, we got more f—ed up than he did. There are so many people here from South Florida. I was just talking to Michael Johnson.

“His coaches from [American Top Team] down there, are here today. They flew up yesterday when he was supposed to. He is feeding y’all bullsh–. He don’t want to fight, he doesn’t want to retire yet and I was going to put him to sleep. It’s simple as that.”

“…So, why would I take a fight with Thiago again and expect him to pull out three days before, you know what I mean? Maybe the fight will happen, maybe it won’t, but I think I deserve a top-10 after this because I’m giving somebody a shot and they need to give me another shot.”

Considering who Alves has fought over the years, and how long he’s been in the game, it’s hard to imagine him ducking Perry. You can understand, however, why Perry is frustrated.

Now he’s taking on Alex Reyes, who has never competed in the UFC. So, really, it’s a lose-lose bout for Perry. If he wins, he was supposed to. If he loses, then his rise up the welterweight ranks will have taken a serious hit.

Since Reyes agreed to the bout, and Perry sent out some warning shots, the KOTC champ has argued the latter’s “overlooking” him.