There may be a lot of middleweights who would love to fight Michael Bisping if he emerges victorious at UFC 217, but it sounds like the British star may not be around to do so, after he battles Georges St-Pierre.

In recent months, Bisping has talked about the fact that he doesn’t intend to fight for that much longer. But, the outspoken fighter also insisted he would fight the division’s #1 contender, after he fought GSP. Bisping made those comments when a lot of folks, particularly middleweights, were letting it be known they didn’t agree with the UFC’s decision to have him fight GSP.

Well, now that Bisping is set to fight St-Pierre on November 4th, the middleweight champ’s reporting he may not fight after that night, after all. During the latest “MMA Hour”, Bisping had this to say about his future in fighting (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“If there’s enough money involved, maybe I’ll stick around. But as of right now, I don’t know. My family wants me to retire. My wife wants me to retire. There’s a lot of people saying, ‘Mike, you should retire.’ My manager says it. So everyone’s in my ear saying, ‘Mike, you should retire, you should retire as champion.’ I’ve earned some money along the way, I’ve had a great career, I’ve represented my country. I’ve achieved more through mixed martial arts than what I ever would’ve dreamed of. We can’t keep going forever. You’ve got to know when the time is right, and I’m not saying the time is right, but I am contemplating it.”

“It’s a 50/50 (chance I retire),” Bisping added. “It may or may not be. But not because — you know when you hear Dana (White) say, ‘When people start talking about retirement, that means they’re done.’ That doesn’t mean that at all. I’m just trying to think smartly here, because you can’t do it forever. You really can’t. And you’ve got to know when to walk away.”

“Next year I’ve got three acting projects lined up that are all big — three big movies and a Netflix series. I’ve got things going on outside the Octagon and I’ve got money that I can earn outside of the Octagon. Ultimately, we do this for the money. You’re doing this right now because you want to earn money. I fight in the UFC because I want to earn money. And if I can earn money outside of the Octagon that’s just as good, that I don’t have to risk my health for, then it makes sense, and I can retire as the champion and parlay that into an active, successful career outside of the Octagon…”

Wow. Now you know Bisping’s critics are going to jump all over this. Especially since his first title defense came against Dan Henderson, who wasn’t ranked in the top ten when it went down last October.

But, Bisping has been in the game for a long time, and he’s had to deal with some pretty significant injuries during his career. So, if he does score an impressive win over GSP at UFC 217, why not hang up the gloves and go out on a winning note?