Luke Rockhold returned to the win column last weekend, by taking out David Branch, but his longtime rival, Michael Bisping, wasn’t too impressed with what he saw.

Rockhold faced Branch in the main event of UFC Fight Night 116, which went down in Pittsburgh. Early on, Branch tagged Rockhold with several punches, but the latter battled back and proceeded to score a submission win via strikes.

The bout marked the first time Rockhold had competed, since his reign as the middleweight champ was ended last June, when Bisping knocked him out in the opening round. On the latest “MMA Hour“, Bisping was asked for his thoughts on Rockhold’s performance, and here’s some of what the British star had to say (quotes via MMA Mania).

“Ultimately, congratulations to Luke he won the fight and got a stoppage in the second round. I thought he looked very sloppy if I’m honest,” said Bisping.

“He has a problem with people that can box, people that get inside. He landed some good shots, did David Branch, and if he had a bit more pop he could’ve taken Luke out of there. Congratulations, job well down you got the finish buy he needs to be careful because there is a lot that can be improved upon, but well done.”

Bisping isn’t the only person who’s shared this assessment. Case in point, fellow commentator Kenny Florian questioned why Rockhold continues to keep his right hand low, following what went down against Bisping last year.

This aside, the former champ, once again, made it crystal clear afterwards that he’s not at all happy that Bisping’s fighting Georges St-Pierre next. While discussing Rockhold’s anger about the November 4th bout, Bisping offered this:

“….the guy really needs to stop sulking. He didn’t do himself any favors but God bless him. The guy can’t get through a sentence without interruptions, stuttering, lots of thinking, saying the Georges isn’t going to make it to the Octagon and all this and that.”

Rockhold has campaigned hard for a rubber match with Bisping in recent months, but  it looks like he may never get his wish. The middleweight champ has said he doesn’t plan to fight much longer, and during the same interview, Bisping reported his bout with GSP could be his last.