Daniel Cormier has been critical of his rival Jon Jones, following the latter’s latest issues with USADA,  but he’s also called on fans and observers to be compassionate towards the former champ. But, evidently Michael Bisping isn’t on board with how Cormier’s been carrying himself, since the scandal broke.

Recently the California Commission announced that Jones B sample from UFC 214 has also tested positive for the steroid, Turinabol, and that as a result, his July 29th win over Cormier has been overturned. The UFC proceeded to reinstate “DC” as the 205 champ, and while he’s argued that was the right move to make, he also asked fans to “layoff” Jones (as “Bones” has a lot of people have been blasting the renowned fighter, since he was informed of the potential doping violation).

Well, recently Bisping had this to say about Cormier, during an episode of the “Believe You Me” podcast (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Listen, I really like Daniel Cormier, he’s a great guy, but that was me mockingly throwing up there. It’s like, come on, man. DC, say what’s on your mind because that isn’t what’s on your mind. What’s on your mind is, ‘Jon go f**k yourself, you f**king prick.’

“I like DC. DC’s a standup guy and God bless him, maybe – well, he’s not a better human being than me. That’s what I was going to say, maybe he’s a better human being than me. No, he’s not but maybe he has more sympathy for his opponent than I do because that’s not what I would have said. If someone f**king tests positive and kicks me in the head and knocks me out and takes my belt in front of the world, I’m not going to bang on about compassion. I’m gonna say, ‘You’re a piece of s**t and you’ve got no place being in the sport.’ Especially after testing positive before and all the other things that happened.”

Cormier and others might argue here that Jones is entitled to due process, but there’s likely plenty of folks who agree with Bisping here as well.

Jones has denied using steroids, and his management has also claimed that the positive test must be the result of a contaminated product. Jones could be suspended for up to four years as a result of his second, USADA flag.