Mike Perry called Thiago Alves’ reasons for pulling out of their fight last weekend “bullsh-t”, and accused the veteran fighter of ducking him. But, following a statement from Alves, whereby he outlined why he decided to stay with his family, on account of Hurricane Irma, Perry isn’t changing his stance.

Perry and Alves were supposed to fight in the co-headliner of UFC Fight Night 116 in Pittsburgh, but a couple of days out from the card, it was announced the “Pitbull” was staying in Florida. It was reported at the time that Alves’ withdrawal was due to the hurricane, and after the event, the welterweight posted a lengthy statement, explaining why he stayed with his family. Alves also warned Perry that he has an “as whooping” with his name on it.

Well, Perry was a guest on the Five Rounds podcast, and evidently, he still believes Alves used the hurricane as an accuse to bail. Here is some of what “Platinum” reportedly had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Listen, here’s an opportunity for him to make a hundred grand in one night. He beats me, he gets a hundred grand because if I beat him, I get the hundred grand. He gets more than a hundred grand, he gets more than me to show up. So right there, if he was comfortable enough to stay behind and not get that payday just for showing up, he could have taken that money, flown his family even further out of state so they never would have had to sleep overnight in the gym, his dog wouldn’t have died . . .

“I made the adjustments, I came from Florida, a bunch of my family and friends came from Florida, they all showed up. His team from down south, ATT [American Top Team], they all showed up. Hector Lombard was there. We all came from Florida. He was mentally defeated. This young kid was gonna whoop that ass.”

So, clearly there’s an interesting story line here, in terms of booking this bout again. Does Perry truly believe Alves ducked him? Hard to say. Considering who Alves has faced during his career, and what was going on with his family etc, it’s hard to imagine him withdrawing due to intimidation or fear. Even if Perry is a ridiculously, dangerous opponent.