As it stands right now, the chances of Michael Bisping – Luke Rockhold III happening appear extremely slim, but the latter’s doing his part to keep that fight in the forefront of the MMA world’s mind…

Ever since Rockhold was taken out by Bisping last June, the former middleweight champ has campaigned for a rubber match with the British star. Not only because Rockhold wants the 185 title back, but because he and Bisping aren’t exactly on the greatest of terms. Leading up to their first fight in 2014 (which Rockhold won via submission), the two traded verbal shots, and that’s continued to be the case since Bisping secured the middleweight crown.

Most recently, following Rockhold’s victory over David Branch last Saturday, he called on Georges St-Pierre to drop out of his November 4th bout with Bisping. As, according to Rockhold, GSP is going to get “crushed”. Then, on the latest “UFC Tonight“, Rockhold continued to fire away at his longtime rival, Bisping (quotes via FOX Sports 1 press release).

When asked who he wants to fight next, Rockhold said:

“I’m going to put myself in position for the fight with Bisping. He’s either going to stand like a man or he runs. It looks like he’s going to run to the finish.”

Who would Rockhold like to fight, if he can’t lock up one with Bisping?

“Robert Whittaker, the real champion. The guy who fights the guys. We’ll see what his timetable is. Our third option is Romero.”

And what does Rockhold think of Bisping’s reign as the champ thus far?

“It’s the worst in UFC history. No one has ever gotten that treatment and avoided every contender. He’s avoided Jacare, Yoel Romero and somehow he’s avoiding Robert Whittaker. He found No. 14 Henderson to fight at the time.”

There you have it. Unfortunately for Rockhold, barring some unforeseen change in circumstances, chances are he’s not going to fight either Whittaker or Bisping next.

Since Whittaker is the interim champ, he’s in line to face the winner of Bisping – GSP. If Bisping loses that fight, there’s a real chance the British fighter will retire. Not only that, but Bisping’s also said he doesn’t plan to fight much longer, and recently, he said he could retire, regardless of what happens against GSP.