Michael Bisping hasn’t held back in blasting Georges St-Pierre, since the UFC confirmed its plans to have the two fight, but the Canadian star maintains the trash talk points to the middleweight champ’s weakness…

Bisping has let it be known, on numerous occasions, that he has taken GSP’s request to fight him personally, the argument being that the latter believes he’ll make for an easy fight. In addition, Bisping has taken shots at St-Pierre for exiting the sport in 2013, and he’s also, not surprisingly, predicted he’ll dominate their bout (Bisping – GSP is booked for November 4th at UFC 217 in New York City).

GSP was a guest on a recent segment for SI Live, and the former welterweight champ was asked for his thought, on all the trash talk Bisping’s been slinging. Here’s some of what the legendary fighter had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He’s projecting his own image,” said St-Pierre. “For him, he wants to prove that he’s more than an easy fight and he’s got a negative view of himself. He’s got a lot of holes that he cannot fill up. He’s a very angry person deep down inside, and angry fighters make a lot of mistakes.”

“We’re not desperate. I’m happy,” St-Pierre said, while discussing his decision to return to the cage. “I feel very blessed and fortunate to be in this position and it’s a moment that a few people in the world are able to live. And I’m going to live that unique moment and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

St-Pierre’s argument about Bisping being an “angry” person etc, is an interesting one. Although, it should be noted that all the insults Bisping has flung out, is pretty much par for the course from the British star. Bisping has always been one of the greatest trash talkers in the game, which is why he’s one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. He has no problem playing the heel, and further, he likely knows doing so in certain situations is very good for business. So, it’s hard to say if he truly believes what he’s been saying about GSP.

UFC 217 will be hosted by the iconic Madison Square Garden.