Recently Michael Bisping said he could retire, after he faces Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217, but now the middleweight champ has relayed he’d be up to fight 205 champ, Daniel Cormier…

In the last few months, Bisping has said more than once that he doesn’t plan to keep fighting much longer. Before his fight with GSP was finalized for November 4th, the British star insisted he would face the #1 contender at 185, after he battles the Canadian fighter.

But, more recently, Bisping reported there’s a “50 / 50” chance he hangs up the gloves, after he faces St-Pierre. Well,  apparently Cormier has informed Bisping that he wants to face the outspoken champ, as on the latest “Believe You Me” podcast, the latter said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Speaking of guys that think they can take me – which of course when I say this, most people are gonna think he can take me – I was working with Daniel Cormier at the weekend and . . . all he kept talking about all weekend was, ‘Mike, I want to fight you next. I want to fight you.’ On air, off air, at the hotel, constantly. He was like, ‘Mike, I will break you within five minutes.’ Dude, are you crazy? Do you really believe that?

“I don’t know if he’s joking or if he’s serious, but if he is serious, I’ll fight him next even though I said last week I’m gonna retire. I would fight Daniel Cormier because that would be a huge fight. DC is a great guy, he’s hilarious, hell of a fighter and he seems to be targeting a fight with me. So DC, if you’re serious, which I kind of think you are, then yeah, screw it, if only to annoy everyone in the world I will, again, fight somebody who doesn’t fight at middleweight.”

Now, if you’ve followed Bisping throughout the years, then these comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. In terms of Bisping saying he’d be willing to fight the light-heavyweight champ. Clearly Bisping likes to prove folks wrong, when they think they could take him.

But, the chances of this fight happening anytime soon are slim and none. If Bisping defeats GSP, it’s hard to imagine the UFC signing off on him fighting anyone but the interim champ Robert Whittaker. Even if Bisping say, vacated the belt as a way to face Cormier, the promotion’s likely eyeing Alexander Gustafsson or Volkan Oezdemir for “DC’s” next bout.

In other words, considering all the backlash there’s been over Bisping not fighting the #1 contender at 185, and all the drama that’s hit the UFC’s 205 title picture, Cormier – Bisping doesn’t fit into the picture.