Due to Rory MacDonald’s run in the UFC,  there’s likely a lot of folks who believe he’s going to take Bellator’s welterweight title from Douglas Lima, but the latter’s pretty confident that’s not going to happen.

MacDonald and Lima are going to fight at Bellator’s January 20th card in Inglewood, California. MacDonald has been booked for the title shot, after he submitted Paul Daley in May, in what was the former UFC contenders’s Bellator debut. Lima also fought Daley in last July, and while he earned a clear cut win, the bout went to the judges.

Well, apparently MacDonald has made note of the fact that he stopped Daley, while Lima went to a decision with the feared striker. While discussing that recently with MMA Junkie, however, Lima had this to say:

“MMA math doesn’t work,” Lima said. “It doesn’t matter if I took a guy to a decision, and he finished a guy. … It doesn’t matter. I guess it matters to him. But for me, I’m going to make it simple for him. I’m going to finish him instead of a decision. Let him say what he wants to say.”

“I really see myself knocking this guy out,” Lima added. “I do. People say he’s tough, he’s been through some wars. But, man, that jaw is always going to be the same. And I’m going to find it, and I’m going to knock this guy out. Mark my words, I’m going to finish him.”

It is true that a lot of faulty arguments have been made over the years, using MMA math. Styles make fights, and the approach of Lima’s has typically been to stand and exchange, while MacDonald has been known to mix in takedowns and work his top game.

So, it will be interesting to see how their upcoming bout unfolds. If you haven’t watched Lima fight, then that’s a shame, as he’s one of the most dangerous welterweights in the game. The ATT Atlanta fighter has finished six of the last ten men he’s faced, and the only men to beat Lima since 2009 are Ben Askren and Andrey Koreshkov. In Lima’s first bout with Koreshkov he was dealing with a knee injury, and in the rematch, he KO’d the former champ in three.