Max Holloway has said in the past that he wants to run it back with Conor McGregor, and now the featherweight champ’s outlined why the hype surrounding the latter, maybe overblown.

Holloway faced McGregor back in 2013, and the Irish star bested the Hawaiian by unanimous decision. Since then, both men have gone on to become pretty big deals in the UFC, yes, particularly McGregor. But, while Holloway isn’t one of the biggest names in sports, like the UFC lightweight champ, he has won 11 in a row and has added the 145 crown to his resume.

Recently Holloway was a guest on Sirius XM’s “MMA Tonight“, and “Blessed” had this to say about McGregor, and how things might go if they fought again (quotes via MMA Mania):

“There’s this fairytale,” Holloway said. “Everybody’s talking about him as the champion and this and that but his last four fights he’s 2-2 , one of them being questionable. He could have been 1-3 right now if we’re being totally honest. At the end of the day, there’s this fairytale to him and this fairytale breaks if he fights someone like me and I beat him.”

He runs his mouth, he talks the talk, and he’s been walking the walk, so touché to him,” Holloway added. “At the end of the day, when I talk I’m not saying stuff to try and hurt your feelings. When I speak, I speak facts and if you’re getting mad, it’s because you know it’s the truth. That guy tries to push it off a little bit more in a WWE way and that’s him, that’s fair play to him. He can do it, I can’t do that. I’m pretty sure that if a lot of people could do it, we’d be doing it. You can’t and you’ve got to respect someone like that.”

Now, there’s no question that both McGregor and Holloway are better fighters than they were back in 2014, and for that reason, of course, a rematch would be must see action.

But, the chances of the two fighting again seem very slim at this juncture. McGregor has argued that he remains the 145 champ, since he never lost the belt in the Octagon, but he hasn’t outright said he wants to fight at featherweight again. So, unless Holloway moves to 155, chances are he won’t throw hands again with the last man to beat him.