Kevin Lee wasn’t on board with the promotional push Mickey Gall was receiving from the UFC, and clearly the latter isn’t happy with the lightweight contender as a result.

Gall made his way to the UFC, via Dana White’s “Lookin’ for a Fight”, after he challenged CM Punk to a fight on the show. Gall proceeded to take out Mike Jackson in his UFC debut to lock up a bout with Punk, and quickly submitted the aspiring fighter in September, 2016. Since Punk was a huge deal in pro-wrestling, Gall was marketed heavily, and made a lot of headlines as a result. Then, Gall was booked to fight Sage Northcutt, who, also is no stranger to the UFC’s marketing team.

Well, Lee questioned why Gall was receiving such a push as he entered the pro-ranks, while he had already scored multiple UFC wins. Gall was a guest on “The MMA Hour” recently, and he had this to say about Lee’s comments (quote via MMA Fighting):

“He was talking sh*t on your show. That f*cking idiot,” Gall said.

“I’d like to challenge him to a straight fight in the gym. I saw him slide into (Tony) Ferguson’s DMs trying to do that. I’d like him to slide into mine, and I’d like to get a little no-limit fight with him. We’ll call it a spar. Maybe he could get daddy Mayweather to guest sponsor him, we could bet some money. I don’t know. He’s got something on, what, [October] 7th? I’ve got something the next month (November) on the 4th. We could figure that out somewhere.”

Now it should be noted that Lee said he wasn’t criticizing the “hustle” of Gall, and that his issue was more so with the push the fighter was receiving. But, it seems pretty clear that Gall didn’t care for Lee’s comments.

All this aside, Lee is set to fight Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight title next weekend at UFC 216, while Gall is booked to battle Randy Brown at UFC 217, November 4th. When you consider the two are fighting in different weight divisions, and where they’re at in their careers, it’s hard to imagine them fighting anytime soon…