Daniel Cormier  has blasted Anthony Johnson, for according to the light-heavyweight champ, giving advice to Jon Jones, and now “Rumble’s” responded.

Cormier recently relayed that he was “done” with Johnson, as he believes the retired fighter gave Jones advice, prior to his rematch with “Bones” at UFC 214. Cormier was upset since he’s always had a good relationship with Johnson, and the “DC’ also called his former opponent “soft”. 

Not surprisingly, Johnson caught wind of Cormier’s comments, and the heavy handed / retired (?) fighter posted this response on Facebook (Warning: Explicit Language):

Damn D.C. didn’t know you were salty cuz I talk to the 1 guy that knocked you out. Fucking soft is what you called me, oh well that’s your opinion.
Saying I gave Jon advice lol buddy what advice is there to give him? I wasn’t fighting either one of you, so there’s no point of giving advice. That’s not my style! I believe in fair fights period.
Friend’s? We were NEVER friend’s! I’ve respected every man in the sport no matter what. I’ve shown JBJ respect through his tough times and have shown you respect the same way.
I retired cuz I have other thing’s in life I want to do but just cuz I met with UFC and talked you have an issue.
So take your cry baby ass on and praise God that Jon screwed up and you got the belt back that way!