Michael Bisping slung pretty of verbal trash Georges St-Pierre’s way, at yesterday’s UFC 217 presser, but the former welterweight champ delivered some warnings of his own.

From the beginning of the presser, Bisping belittled GSP, and told the legendary fighter that he’s going to crush him on November 4th. St-Pierre didn’t have too much to say in return, but as the event wore on, it became clear that Bisping’s verbal attacks were getting to the Canadian star.

Case in point, at one juncture, Bisping asked GSP how he thinks he’s going to take the middleweight title from him, and the latter said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I’m gonna do whatever I want to do,” St-Pierre said. “I’m gonna strike you, I’m gonna put you down, I’m gonna submit you, I’m gonna restrike you if you stand back up, I’m gonna do whatever I want — whatever I want when I want to do it. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see how the upcoming fight unfolds, no question. The consensus seems to be that GSP will need to take the fight down, if he has a real chance of winning. Bisping, however, is the bigger fighter, and has pretty solid, defensive wrestling. It should also be noted that Bisping predicted that St-Pierre will attempt to take him down.

And what does GSP think of Bisping’s repeated insults and warnings? Once again, St-Pierre made the argument that Bisping’s just an unhappy dude:

“He’s a very angry man,” St-Pierre said. “He takes everything as insult, he takes everything personal. If you would have asked Michael Bisping 10 years ago, ‘What would make you happy?’ He would probably say, ‘Be world champion.’ Now that’s world champion he’s not happy anymore. I thin he has a lot of holes that he can’t fill in himself. That’s a problem.”

There you have it. If you’re a big time, GSP fan, chances are by the time the bout rolls around, you’re going to have some serious issues with Bisping…

UFC 217 will be hosted by Madison Square Garden in New York City.