Tyron Woodley has taken some heat in recent months for being too conservative in his bouts, and it looks like Carlos Condit’s in agreement with at least some of that narrative.

In the past, some of Woodley’s bouts were criticized, since they didn’t feature a ton of action. But, the powerful wrestler always stifled those criticisms with memorable, stoppage wins over the likes of Robbie Lawler, Josh Koscheck and Dong Hyun Kim.

But, critics began piling on Woodley once again, after he battled Stephen Thompson to a draw last November. The argument was that Woodley could have done more, to finish Thompson, since he had the welterweight contender hurt. Then, following Woodley’s bout with Demian Maia this past July, which featured very few, memorable exchanges, the champ’s performance was panned by many once again.

Well, recently Condit was a guest on “The MMA Hour”, and he had this to say about the criticism Woodley’s taken (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I can definitely see where the critics are coming from,” Condit said. “We’re athletes but we’re also entertainers, people by the pay-per-view to be entertained. That’s part of this. This is show business. I know that winning is super important and a gameplan is super important, but at some point you have to, this is the hurt business and you gotta to try to put your opponent out.”

“You know he’s obviously a super, super talented dude,” Condit said. “I did watch the last fight against Maia. I felt like he at a time where he could he really could have turned it on and tried to finish, he didn’t.”

It should also be noted here that we now know Woodley injured his shoulder in the first round of his fight with Maia, which impacted his ability to finish the vaunted grappler. Woodley boosters would also argue that it’s not so easy to take big risks, when you’re the champ. Your payday is much larger when you have the belt around your waist.

But, Condit’s right in that this is the entertainment business. So, if Woodley hopes to increase his fan base and score some huge payouts moving forward, he’s going to have to take it up a notch.

Condit, who lost via TKO to Woodley as a result of a knee injury in 2014, is set to face Neil Magny at UFC 219, December 30th.