Georges St-Pierre and members of his camp have had nothing but positive things to say about the star, as he gets set for his comeback bout with Michael Bisping this Saturday. But, comments that his longtime mentor and former cornerman reportedly made, are raising some eyebrows.

Those comments came from Kristof Midoux, who has been an advisor to St-Pierre for years. Recently the retired fighter was a guest on  the“Uppercut” podcast with UFC vet Patrick Cote. According to a follow up story from the Le Journal De Montreal, (and Google translate), Midoux had this to say about GSP:

“I think he needs help and I think the people around him are hiding things from him,” Midoux said. I witnessed his sparring and I did not see what I wanted to see from him. ”

“I saw guys coming into the cage without a helmet that are 10,000 light years away from Michael Bisping. They did their little five-minute round with George as if I were with my wife. They were not stressed and they came out nickel. I would have liked to see a knockout and a more aggressive George. ”

“….when I see George’s eyes, they do not tell me anything good. Then, during his face-to-face in Las Vegas, I would have liked him to give a slap to Bisping to show him what was waiting for him on November 4th. The guys who have their hands in their pockets like George did, they do not feel like fighting. You have to have the urge and the rage to do it.”

Now, the story also reports that GSP was asked about Midoux’s comments, regarding the sparring session he saw. According to the former welterweight champ, he was battling a virus when Midoux was there to watch him spar. But, that aside, if these comments / translations are accurate, it’s pretty interesting to see one of GSP’s longtime associates saying this no?

St-Pierre will be returning to cage for the first time since 2013, when he faces Bisping at UFC 217 on Saturday. The card will go down at Madison Square Garden in New York City.