Last night’s headliner at UFC Fight Night 120 appeared to end as a result of an injury to Anthony Pettis, but Dustin Poirier believes he broke the former lightweight champ mentally, during the contest.

Pettis tapped out in the third round of the bout, and after doing so, it appeared he was dealing with some sort of rib injury. Prior to that, Poirier had pulled ahead on the scorecards by mixing in takedowns and bloodying Pettis with shots from above.

After the entertaining fight, Poirier had this to say about the fight’s outcome (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I think it was a broken man more than a broken rib,” Poirier said. “But that’s my thoughts, you know. I think … hopefully nothing is wrong with the guy. But I felt like the fight was slowly slipping away from him after the cut and after the takedowns, he realized I was strong and I was gonna stay on top. He couldn’t submit me.”

“Those deep, dog fights — I love that,” Poirier added, while reflecting on the bout. “That’s why I fight. Those opportunities, those kind of scrambles, that’s why I get up in the morning and go for runs and push myself harder, because I love to fight. When it was happening, I was just happy that I was in that kind of fight. The crowd was going nuts every time we switched. It was a lot of fun, man.”

Pettis supporters would likely argue here that “Showtime” wouldn’t tap out if he wasn’t dealing with some sort of serious injury. But, things did appear to be going south for the dynamic striker.

It was a big and impressive win for Poirier, who since moving back to 155, has gone 6-1, with 1 no contest. Prior to UFC Fight Night 120 the ATT fighter was ranked #8, so a bout with a top five contender could very well come next.

Pettis, on the other hand, continues to struggle. The noted finisher has gone 2-4 now since he lost the lightweight title to Rafael dos Anjos in 2015.

UFC FN 120 went down in Norfolk, Virginia.