Matt Brown admits that he was desperately hoping to score a finish at UFC Fight Night 120, and although he did just that, the welterweight is going to take some time to consider his future in fighting.

Shortly after Brown’s bout with Diego Sanchez was announced, the popular fighter reported it would be the last of his career. But as the fight date neared, Brown said that he might continue to fight after all.

Well, Brown took out Sanchez in highlight reel fashion yesterday, by flooring the rugged vet with an elbow in round one. But, after the impressive win, Brown remained non-committal, in terms of whether he’ll scrap again (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“To be honest, I’m not even thinking about it right now,” Brown said. “It’s not even really a thought in my mind. I’m thinking about enjoying tonight, and we’ll talk about it later.”

“I’ve definitely had more people tell me not to retire than to retire,” Brown added. “But nobody other than me and my family really has any bearing on that – and close friends. So I’m not even going to allow anybody else’s opinions to get into my mind like that.”

The 36 year-old fighter also relayed that, of course, ending his three fight losing streak felt good, but that scoring a finish was particularly important for him. So, one might be tempted to look at that and believe Brown’s leaning towards still fighting.

Some folks, it should be noted, are arguing that this is the perfect time for Brown to step out. Brown’s had a great career, but he’s still a ways out from title contention again, so ending on a high note might be the way to go.

But, even if you’re in that camp, chances are you’ll be more than eager to watch Brown throw hands again, if and when he decides to do so.

Sanchez, meanwhile, has already said he plans to keep fighting. 

UFC Fight Night 120 took place in Norfolk, Virginia.