Image Credit: USA Today Sports

After Anthony Pettis tapped out in his bout with Dustin Poirier last weekend, it certainly looked like he was dealing with a rib injury, and his coach has provided an update.

Pettis tapped in the third round of his memorable scrap with Poirier, which headlined UFC Fight Night 120 in Norfolk. More recently, the former lightweight champ’s coach, Duke Roufus, confirmed to ESPN that indeed, Pettis fractured his ribs during the fight:

“It was a unique move, Dustin had his legs on that body triangle a little higher, on the ribs,” Roufus said. “We’re optimistic about it. When I was 19, I suffered an injury that I still struggle with and that’s torn rib cartilage. When Anthony tapped on Saturday, I was worried that’s what it was.

“Bones are always easier to heal than ligaments and tendons. We’re looking at the bright side of the situation.”

Hopefully Pettis won’t be sidelined for too long. After the bout, Poirier wished Pettis well, but he argued the fighter tapped out because he was a “broken man”, rather than because of a broken rib.